Saturday, August 9, 2008

drug of choice

my bff after high school, patsy, used to work at a home for adults with different disabilities. she worked with a woman with down's syndrome who would have anxiety attacks. whenever one was coming, patsy would ask her, "did you take your medicine?" and the woman would say, "buspar" spreading her hands out gently for effect. it worked for her.

if someone asked me if i took my medicine, i'd have to say, "running" i ran last night and the calm that settled on me was...well...remarkable. i never thought i'd be a regular enough runner to get used to the effects of it. but i guess i have. because i've had some pretty big anxiety attacks lately...and i've been able to work through my anxieties, but today was so much better. i'll be getting on the treadmill here in a bit.

we've spent all day at a sumobot tournament. my bigs made and entered robots in this competition. they won at least a few rounds, which was a nice surprise for them. they both really love this robot thing. and i'm really glad they've found something they love and nice folks to share it with. but i've had enough of it for now, to be honest. i'm ready to take the kayaks out or do some climbing or something. enough indoors...well...not really. we're still hitting over 100 almost daily. but enough technology. we went to half price books today and i bought bug's life...on vhs...i just needed some low tech. i'm ready to pop it in here in a bit. once i convince them to turn off guitar hero.

peace out

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