Sunday, August 17, 2008

so much to say

or at least, so many thoughts swirling around in there...along with those, so many emotions...and me thinking if i can just find the words, maybe i can make a little room and not feel so nutty.

my kids like to fish and had a great time doing it this weekend.

my mother and i have very different values but still love each other and that means we often end up sitting across from a woman we normally wouldn't even like, much less love, trying to find something to say that'll pass for conversation.

i get tired of sleeping in animal fur.

five hours in the sun, on a boat, will give me a sunburn no matter how much sunscreen i put on.

people will always respond better to my spouse who is a doctor than they will to me. (well, certain people i should say...)

my spouse loves me and tries very hard to respect the woman i am and support me without pulling that patriarchal you need me to save you's much more subtle than it sounds...and he tries. i am grateful my friend i married is such a good man.

listening to another person is an incredible gift...i am blessed to have people in my life that are so good at it, i often take it for granted. but then i get reminded and i stop taking it for granted.

love between friends is a powerful thing...even if someone might try to ignore it or minimize it, it's still pretty powerful stuff.

alright...that's all for now.

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JO said...

Sounds like a pretty decent weekend, even if you did get sunburned. :)

Hugs, mama.