Sunday, July 29, 2007

church talk

sooo, i have a few issues with our new church. first of all, they are the nicest, friendliest people i've ever seen convened at one location. and so some of this will feel strange saying and some of it will just be me trying to figure out the story of Jesus and how it is interpretted...

first of all, the music is not so good. ok, it's really kind of terrible. it's like the people singing in the choir don't know the tune to the the whole congregation sings off tune. it's weird. whenever there's a song i think i know, i'm never sure, because the words seem right, but they're just singing it so differently.... and they also sing extremely slowly, which is just strange to me, because really, the only thing more awful than a song being sung terribly is a song being sung terribly just a little slower...and a little longer...

but i guess mostly, i just feel like i'm at a protestant church. part of it is the music...i really liked the music when i went catholic. but there's just been a lot of focus on Jesus dying for my sins at this church. and i guess that just seems out of place to me. (but maybe it's not, i just have to work it around a bit...) Jesus died for the sins in everyone...the sins of greed, of selfishness, of hate, of rage....he died because good always outlasts, wins, trumps, triumphs, lives on. because it is the true tie that binds us and keeps us alive.

more later

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