Saturday, July 7, 2007

it's been kind of thick lately

so i've been kind of bitchy lately... my head's been hurting so much. and my family, well, enough of them are showing some sort of symptoms that i think there might be a virus or something we're passing around. which is a bit of a relief, because i was a little afraid i was just turning into an asshole permanently...but, it was just the dreaded "asshole virus" or something.

my dad's cousin died, too. i talked to my mom last night and she told me. so i didn't call anyone else, because that was TWO people in one day i'd heard about dying, and i just had to break the cycle. but it's pretty damned sad, because that means my aunt velma has lost her husband, both sons, and now her daughter. my grandma is beside herself with sadness for her sister (who is my aunt velma...i guess my great aunt velma...). anyway, my grandma must've sounded bad because my dad went to stay with her and he's just not usually that kind of guy... lifting the whole lot of them up...

ok, well, i better take my sleepy, worn out self to bed. oh, real quick. we bought the littles some bikes was so sweet. watching all of the guys ride their bikes in the culdesac. i'll have to learn how to post some pictures.

peace out

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