Tuesday, July 3, 2007

left foot, right foot....

just trudging along...funny. the verb you use in that sentence is really important... am i rambling? cruising? bumping? shuffling?... i don't even know...

my house is trying to fall asleep. this has been hard lately and it has been wearing kind of thinly on me. they all go to sleep soooo late. and with N back at the grind, he's up early and asleep early, so it's kind of lonely around here. but i will learn to hang with myself. i just haven't even felt like reading lately, but i borrowed maya angelou--something about "getting merry like christmas"--how can that be anything but a good read?

i am so tired!!! what is the deal?!?!.... and i keep forgetting to feed my poor dogs their breakfast. so they've been getting bigger dinner...sheesh...this is just sad. maybe i should stop while i'm ahead...i'll try again tomorrow.


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