Monday, July 16, 2007

a little "therapy"

so, when you're stuck in a rut, be it emotional, psychological...nothing like a little physical activity. or what i guess we could also call "diversion therapy" for some new perspective...

saturday, the bigs and i went and saw harry potter. came home to p, c, and baby s visiting, but also....a kayak in the driveway!!! N bought us a kayak!!! woo-hoo!! so sunday, we went to ikea for some stuff (and to eat with p, c, and baby s...have i mentioned i'm in baby s's fan club?) and then took the kayak out. it was sooooo fun.

so, who's coming to ride in my kayak? (come on, you know you wanna)

so while there may still be stuff i need to go revisit and reconcile, i feel like i've at least gotten back on the forward track of life, instead of the run in circles till you lose your mind one...

so peace out

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