Monday, July 9, 2007


what a busy time for people as worn out as those who live here....

there is this wonderful little creek in a nearby town. as the rains have pelted texas (again, the verb choice thing) we've watched this little creek get higher, and higher, and, well, you get the picture. it's just a tiny little creek, but it's a lot of fun. but it HAS gotten higher and faster. it's just remarkable to watch a river changing its course.

so we went there yesterday. my sil just called and said, "wanna meet us?" and even though i'd been feeling crappy, and the kids had been feeling crappy, i said yes. because i figure we can rest tomorrow. WE'RE not in residency. WE don't have to be at the hospital at the butt crack of dawn. WE don't have any expectations on us but our own, and right now, they're pretty damned low. so WE went... hehe anyway... it was much, much fun. i haven't asked the kids if they noticed how the creek was different. (other than it was faster...) how the landscape has changed. it's remarkable...

i guess it just reminds me that things are always changing... and while i know the autistic side of me doesn't exactly relish this part of life, it's not a bad thing. n is changing quite a bit. he's almost as tall as i am. sheesh, you can't help but pray for mutual respect when your child is as big as you. and it's too late to establish it then. or it seems so. but again, things always change...maybe my opinion on this will too. maybe i'll wake up tomorrow and be anne lamott...

oh! reminds me of a great magnet i saw the other day... "i'm not feeling myself today. maybe i'm you"

and with that,

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