Tuesday, July 17, 2007


so i've been thinking about food lately... and it's not just because i just ate a bunch of crap and my "puppy" is quite full and hanging out over the top of my pants, either.

but i was visiting with this mama last night and she's on a diet. like, a diet to be thinner, to weigh less i guess is more accurate. so when she said she blew her diet, i understood her to mean that she ate too many calories. which was right. she ate mcdonald's....dude, if i'm ever on that kind of diet and i blow it, be sure it'll be cheesecake or something worthwhile. :) (as if...)

anyway, but it made me think about how, when i blow my diet, i eat a bunch of crap that has no nutritional value. how it means i ate something that made me feel like shit, regardless of how many calories. i don't care what i eat, so long as it has a value. i've begun largely to view my diet as a medicinal sort of my life... of course, the random ice cream sandwich can be valuable...calcium, my dear, calcium. but mostly i try to make it balanced and rich in textures and vitamins...shit like that. ;)

ok, that's about it,

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