Friday, July 27, 2007

world keeps turning

little check in time with myself... we're here. (bahaha, nothing like starting at the beginning) we're back to schooling. this is good. we like the area. that is very good. house is alright--got more work to do there. kids are getting along...a little too much tv, but breaking from video games for a month has been niiiice. N and i are alright. N's ok....tired, overwhelmed, one minute defeated, the next a fairly confident novice doctor...all seems fairly normal. one moment everything's a result of MY character flaws and diseased thinking, the next i am strong and hold the family together and am wonderful. (this is from his perspective...i'm not on my mental status yet here) i think this is all fairly normal. i don't know if seeking balance means we seek to rest there in the middle of it or if we're just supposed to appreciate it as we keep running from one end of the spectrum to the other?... i think we're improving on the latter, and i have no idea if we'll ever get to the first. perhaps in our sixties or seventies....

the dogs...yikes...i need to go let them in for a bit. but miss kitty brought in all the MUD last night....grrrrr the fish are happy, the bunnies are, well, they're healthy and safe. we're working on more outside time as we get our shit together a bit more...

and i, well, i am resting, working, healing, waking, stretching, sunning, bathing, basking, reading, teaching, talking, listening. it's a good feeling. kind of like being born again a bit. (only i'm already addicted to caffeine and i have to cook for everyone) my sister is coming up this weekend. i could list the many reasons this rocks, but i gave her the link to this blog and don't want to blow her head up. but i look forward to it. she is a good auntie to my children and i don't know what i enjoy more--her company or watching her in the company of my children.

oh, there were other lyrics...well, they escape me now.

but here's a link to a very good harry potter song that this young man wrote before the book was released...the kids and i are loving it.

peace out

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