Friday, February 15, 2008

countdown...two days to go

and i am starting to feel a little nervous. i got my super woman running tights today...i'll try them on a little later.

i am watching my nephew today. he is so cute. it changes a lot in my house to have such a cute little one here for the day. he's a lot of fun.

i am also pretty tired today. got up early to get ready for already mentioned nephew. i just warmed the last of today's coffee in the microwave....desperate times, hey?

i slipped a bit in my positive thoughts last night. but i caught myself slipping...i mean, i was aware of it. not that i immediately turned things around or anything. but i breathed through it all and, well, i'm still here today, right? (i'm starting to think that's the pay off...which makes me wonder what i thought it was going to be? i mean, really...)

ok, off to play

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