Monday, February 25, 2008

weebly wobbly

when i was a kid we had these toys called weeble wobbles. my sister had cars and a whole house for them. they were neat. egg shaped plastic things with faces under the plastic surface. like people. always ended up upright. and i mean sister and i used to try to get them to stay laying down a lot.

so the fun part of weeble wobbles (besides saying it) was watching them move, because once they were still, they were like any other little people-ish toy. i loved flicking them and watching them rock, a pendulum. til they found their center and quit moving.

i am not a weeble wobble...although if you took my legs off, i'd be remarkably shaped like one. but i don't have a center that keeps me from moving...i am always rocking, swaying...inside, outside....literally, figuratively. well, not in my sleep.... anyway... i am feeling pretty emotional still. but also wanting to get on with regular old boring life... appreciative and petty, generous and self-centered, understanding and intolerant, like i'm part of something huge and like i'm the center of the freaking universe...all at the same time. weeble....wobble.....

i'm alright...i'm not. i guess the average is somewhere in between.

i love my kids. and my husband...well, i know he's a good person.....even when he makes me kind of crazy. and i'm going to finally plant my seeds for my garden i will plant this spring. these things i know...i'm fairly solid on them. kids, spouse, and trinity for the day, i guess...


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