Monday, February 11, 2008

countdown day two a perspective tune up today. my belt was a little too loose...running a little too much on the negative side. but i tightened it. feeling much more positive. negative is temporary, right?

there's a lot i want to say. but trying to frame things positively...i'm a little nervous about attempting a whole blog entry. ba! there was an incident while i was at my appointment today, between my oldest and my third born. (i mentioned once that the first initials of their names spell "no" right?) anyway...we worked through it...quite positively, i might add. i was telling my co-parent that i think that made all the difference. it's much better than, "i'm totally disgusted by what you did and have no freaking clue where i went wrong or how it's going to get better" know? i focused on the positives...there are positives--holy moly!

my thirdborn is singing the lyrics to "iron man"...i wonder sometimes what other mamas think about my kids singing ozzy ozbourne. ok, i really wonder what i think about my kids singing ozzy ozbourne....

ok, i have a lot to do. i am thinking about a lot of friends...mostly women...that i love and appreciate and am grateful for.'s good....half marathon half shmarathon...easy shmeasy

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go marci go marci go marci go marci