Monday, February 4, 2008


counseling day today. it was good. came home with an for real, a worksheet. and i kind of like that. i need some concrete expressions of what i'm working on. (well, besides my blog, of course) plus, i can make COPIES of this know? start a "counseling folder" or something...

there is so much i'm working on lately. so many bad habits i just let creep in and ignored... sleeping in, staying up late, slacking in the hsing department...not to mention all the mental crap i'm just trying to sort out a bit with my therapist (which N constantly refers to as "the-rapist", as in "so what did the-rapist have to say today?" i don't know...maybe we're a bit warped. and some of it i just don't think is going to get ironed out, but whatever...)

so i got up early this morning, made a decent breakfast, finished up my lesson plans and got my kids rolling on oatmeal and math (and underdog for e, but hey, i needed something that would work), so i could go do a little work of my own with my the-rapist. then i came home and we jumped right into school work. took a break for lunch. then finished up. it took us most of the, we finished around five (!!!) but it was good... we made a peace chain to remind us to pray for the folks, countries, people who need some peace. we drew posters of our family...(and they all looked quite similar, might i add...snicker) we creative journaled. and we did spelling and grammar and crap like that, too. (i already mentioned math, right?) now we're having our "leisure" time...(leisure was a spelling word today)

so i will make breakfast for dinner, run a little on the treadmill, and try to be ready for tomorrow's school day before i fall asleep. anyone want to sign up to make an energy chain and put my name on it?...

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LanaTron said...

We all need a few wrinkles...if we were all perfectly pressed, life would be waaayyyy too boring!


Hmm..."bad" habits...I don't know anything about those, do I? Don't forget that baby steps are good, mama.

Love ya,