Sunday, February 10, 2008

counting down

one week til the half marathon...

i have not felt nervous or anxious about the actual half marathon at all, until now. but this is day four of allergies/sinus stuff and, well, i'm starting to get a little nervous. (i actually got weepy a little when i opened an email that said "one week til the marathon/half marathon"...)

it will be ok. i will finish. and maybe my standards are a little low compared to the rest of the world, but at thirty-four years old, mother of four, my first steady stint at goal is to finish. if i walk some of it...that's fine by me. i expect to walk some of it. and i don't know why it bothers me that others seem to feel i haven't trained hard enough....i don't know why i even care about how i could've trained or what i should be shooting for... (maybe i'll discuss this with my the-rapist tomorrow) i'm going to be ok.

and when i finish...i'll be uber-fucking-proud.
peace out


Anonymous said...

Oooh freaking rahhh mama!!

*Jess* said...

I'm going to be f'in proud of you as well! You go, girl!!!