Monday, February 25, 2008

meme from hoperadio

i just realized i never put a space in hoperadio...i think it's because dh calls her "hoperado" like the eagles' song...i from this point forth, i will put that space in. (there--i've declared it)

so here's a meme from hope radio....

After is fine.

It doesn't matter....if i can explain a concept...learning to live it takes a lot more time.

In, the family is not eating a bag of potato chips.

My mother always said...not to lie. which is why i'm so confused by her sending me an email forward and saying she didn't take the time to check snopes because it sounded so true....which it wasn't. but i also hope she isn't pissed off at me for telling her so...(relationships with mothers are so complicated....sometimes i wish i could just be the dad)

There are times...i think i have it all figured out and then awareness returns and i get back to work.

At the wake...up call, i will be grumpy.

Consideration brings...headaches.

In 1986...i was twelve. i do not ever want to be twelve again.

Don't laugh but, seventh grade, a maxi pad fell down my pants leg and onto the floor of my texas history class. it still makes me feel nauseous to talk about it. (it's ok if you laugh but i think maybe now you understand why i don't ever want to return to twelve a little better....)

Without hesitation...i'd give you a hug if you needed it.

Ordinarily, I never...paint my toe nails but in this case...i won't either. i was just having a hard time thinking of something i'd never do. i did look at nail polish today for a few seconds, though.

I was driving to...the austin half marathon the other day and I...really thought i was going to throw up. it was nerves.

If I ever...get out of debt, i think my headaches will get better or maybe even go away.

In my mind...the world is a really good place and people are really good...don't fuck with it. (snort)

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