Monday, February 18, 2008

there is so much i want to say...

but it won't be today.

i'm recovering today. i'm sore, but it's surprisingly manageable. really, it's just my calves and my shins. the rest of my body...maybe it's still numb... :)

so i'm resting...doing a little looking up of stuff on the internet, reading some of the new anne lamott book i bought this weekend. (she's going to be signing her book at a barnes and nobles in austin next month....i almost peed myself....i'm gonna go SEE her....don't know if i'll talk to her, but i'm gonna SEE her....creepy, stalker-type laugh)

this whole experience brought me so much. talking about positive energy the past few weeks...i think moving forward for thirteen miles really shifts something internally in a very positive way. but i still need some time to process this.... but there is so much i want to write about it. just so i don't forget it. (well, until next november, when i run the san antonio half marathon because i'm all addicted like that now...)



Tiffane said...

What a great day Sunday was! Congratulations EM!

Anne Lamott? Which one of her books should I start with?

corscorp said...

How necessary is it to process it all? Seriously, instead of resting I think I'd be training. You did it! Yay you!

I just cracked open Bird for Bird :)

earthmama said...

oh, i don't think i'll process it all...just want to think about it a little more before i write about it. (hey, it's as much for readers as for myself...hehe)

bird by bird is a really good anne lamott book...made me want to be a writer after reading that.

tiffane, you might like operating's a journal of her first year with her son, sam. most of her books make me laugh and cry and feel a little lighter all at the same time. traveling mercies is also a good one... she also writes fiction, too, if you prefer that. (the other books are collections of essays about her life.) i loved all of her fiction, too.

(uh, sorry you asked?....) :)