Sunday, September 23, 2007

birthday stuff and more stuff

so today is o's 8th birthday. i told him the story of his birth day and how much we love him this morning. we're going to run some his auntie julie will buy him his gift and his brothers some ice cream while i sneak his gift outside and buy the stuff for a coconut/chocolate angel food cake and a macaroni and cheese casserole. i love these kids, but they're kind of funny food choosers... :)

i'm still pretty stuffy in the head. but sometimes, you just have to go anyway. waiting to get better is too tedious and you end up missing too much stuff...

yesterday, at the end of the day, we were tired people. N had been on call friday night, so he got home around nine saturday morning, slept for about twenty-five minutes and then got up to go to o's soccer game with us. then we went out to lunch and came home and he got to sleep. woke him up around three and we went to the creek in salado with some friends who also have a dad doing a residency, let the kids play in the water and such (n slayed LOTS of demons...) and then came home and ordered pizza. that doesn't even sound like much, but IT WAS... :)

i just keep thinking about how different things are now from a few months ago. we're a lot more physically active, i think, but we are so not social right now. i talk to friends from the area where we lived, and they're so BUSY... and then we have someone come spend the weekend and we're just like, "yeah, hi, we don't talk much..." it's like if someone poked their head in right now, maybe we resemble that sort of stereotypical homeschool family that only wants to socialize with itself... screw it, i'm not worried. it's just something i've thought about and noticed. except i do still call mama friends often at night, just to check in and kind of ground myself.

ok, i need to go finish my coffee, take a shower, and get this birthday stuff on the road...

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