Monday, September 10, 2007

some more work...this time on my own's one of those times where i have some work to do. on myself. or in myself, maybe? whatever.... N and i are having a difficult time. and while i don't really want to go into specifics...there are just somethings we're having a hard time discussing. the footing is not inherently very even in my marriage, methinks. i will have to sit with it for awhile and see... (throwing my hands up, giving up on trying to make sense of this)

in other news, i am going to the indigo girls concert this weekend with my sister, my friend patsy, and her partner. my sis will drive to my house and from here, she and i will drive to patsy's. truly. it will be so hard waiting. part of me is just damned excited to spend a couple of hours with my sister without anyone else butting in. and then i get to see the girls. and then i get to see pats... hell, it's a win, win, win, win weekend....

ok, i'm grouchy. and trying to find a solid place to sit for awhile.

oh, and schooling is going well. we're making progress. i'm pleased with how things are moving along and i think the kids are doing really great. i do think things will improve when we start rock climbing and continue with soccer. now, if i could only find a music instructor.... sigh... that always seems to require a little more from me than i can accomplish. but i'm letting myself be who i am on that front this week...can't tackle too much at once...


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