Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bus throwing...or something like that

so i went to the indigo girls concert this weekend. it was great. i went with my sister. that was pretty great, too. she teases me incessantly. (omg, she "got" patsy, my girlfriend we stayed with, SO FREAKING GOOD....it was awful...i almost had to kill her for it, but we all laughed, so no one died.) anyway, my sister is a big teaser. that doesn't sound right. in her own words, "if i ain't giving you a hard time, i don't like you." there. that's what i was trying to say. so, she kept teasing me that i was throwing everyone under a bus this weekend...like i was ratting them out, i guess. it was funny. because in my heart of hearts, the last thing i'd ever want to do would be to throw someone under a bus. so it took a little bit to be able to relax and laugh and be comfortable in the fact that everyone else knew i would never do that...hence, the joke. (yes, i really am this big of a nerd)

so i had to post something else here, because i kind of feel like i threw N under a bus yesterday, and didn't want to leave it at that.

he is who he is. we are, together, who we are. in the interest of our future, we make decisions. sometimes, in the interest of protecting ourselves at a moment, we don't make decisions that are in the interest of our future, but ultimately, we are always interested in as harmonious a future as possible.

we will heal from the last couple of weeks. (hell, the last four years have been kind of challenging, marriage and life wise) but we will heal. i have a lot of faith in that.

last thing, thanks to those who've listened and raised me up. you saved my ass again...

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