Thursday, September 13, 2007

world keep on turning

so the presentations went well today. they've taken a quiz, done a little this, a little that. lunch was very light. i think i'll make meatballs for dinner... things are quite mellow. i think i've finally kicked my cold, thanks to making myself use my neti pot. i think i need to go take a shower and get some house cleaned so it won't be too bad when i leave tomorrow. i'd like to get the rabbits in a good place and my car cleaned out. maybe bathe miss kitty, too.

i am excited to be leaving tomorrow for so many reasons. i REALLY need a break from my family for just a bit. i REALLY love the indigo girls, too. and i'm really looking forward to hanging out with my sister and my friend from camp. the weather looks like it'll be nice up there and i just think it has every chance of being a very relaxing time.

ok, i'm off to get moving...

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