Thursday, September 27, 2007

hmmm, now what?

so i'm sitting in the tough time...not fighting it...letting it happen...yeah....uh-huh....(looking around)....ok, time to find something to do... hehe

i think today i will get things ready to mail that have been sitting there, probably in their own tough time, waiting for me to mail them. yes, i will do that.

(sorry, lost my train of thought for a minute as a little one came to hug on me...i think they're trying to read my blog?...i don't think so...)

anyway, i will mail things, yes....i will mail things. and it will be nice because then people will know i was thinking about them...

and then i will garden. or at least clean up and water some of the planted things around my house. this house had the cutest yards, beds, etc... it really makes you want to have a nice yard (or continue to have a nice yard). we've been fertilizing with rabbit poo, which i think has done good things for the grass. (which would be cool because then maybe N would bitch just a little less about the rabbits?....)

and i have laundry to fold. (this is not my best thing)

i also kind of want to sew something. or bead something....

yeah, looks like a christmas list or something. so i guess if i don't want to become bitter with wanting and no results, i better get off my ass and go DO something...

oh, wanted to add (nothing makes me think of something good to say like getting ready to be finished...why is that?) i thought of my friend, jeanni, the other night. well, she kind of visited me in a very tangible (but like, "tangible" as in "NOT here") kind of way. (laughing out loud at this point) the sky was tie-dyed...the moon was so bright. this was three nights ago, but the harvest moon was last night, so it's been pretty bright for a few nights now. and the clouds were across the moon, but in this sort of boxy pattern. anyway, it made me think of jeanni, and then i just felt her. it was cool. i think she was on vacation, although maybe she's back now. i don't know. i haven't talked to her in awhile. but i don't feel like i NEED to...if that makes sense. i've shared space with her recently... ;)

peace out

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