Sunday, September 30, 2007

coffee and life

every morning i drink coffee...EVERY morning. for years now. cream and sugar. i've switched to half caff over the last few months...but i still drink it...religiously? i don't know...anyway...

so i put cream and sugar in my coffee every morning. and while we do have coffee cups of different sizes, it just occurred to me today that i'm never really sure how much sugar i like. (cream is easy...i love much as i can fit in the cup...hehe) but not enough sugar and my coffee's bitter, too much and it's too sweet...blah

there are few mornings i really get it perfectly, but it's nice when i do. but i was wondering this morning, as i creamed and sugared my coffee, why i haven't yet learned, after all these years, how much sugar to put in? why don't i pay attention and figure this out? yeah, kind of made me think of life...which i was going to get into. but i spent too much time just reading email and now N is home with tacos and bellowing at me to come eat, so i better run....


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