Wednesday, September 19, 2007

blood, sinuses, these are a few of my favorite things

so i woke up this morning to dh ready to draw my blood and take it in to work with him. (is this a perk of medicine? i remember when he used to grab some milk and bread before leaving the pharmacy...i think that was more useful...)

anyway, have i ever mentioned i am not good with blood drawing? my mom (the nurse) says i am, i believe the medical term is, a big chicken. see, i passed out in high school after donating blood, and i just haven't felt (or reacted) the same about blood drawing since then.

anyway, so this morning, as my dr. husband is trying to get a vein (and yes, he'd put the needle in and then search it out...gagging here for a minute...) i'm trying to ignore the "stars" i'm starting to see, telling myself "i'm ok, i'm ok..." so once he gets the needle out, i almost ran to the couch, total snow in front of my eyes, my skin clammy. even dh commented on how white i was... it's an amazing thing, the body. how it "knows" stuff we're trying not to know. i think this is what my body was trying to tell me this morning, "i don't think he's got the vein. i don't think he's going to GET the vein. you've got a man with a needle hunting around in your arm and if you don't knock this craziness off, i'm dropping you like a ton of bricks...don't think i can't..." my body, she's a smart one.

dh tried a second time and since i'd given her a bit of water, she handled it better. but he still didn't get it. so i'll go to the hospital to get a nurse (read: someone who knows what she's doing) to do the draw. but god love dh, he'll be practicing this next week (read: if you can possibly, avoid the hospital while he's there so he's not murderizing your veins...hehe). he's not content to let a skill most docs see as beneath them fall by the wayside. he's a good guy.

my sinuses feel like there's a miniature walrus stuck up's small enough to fit, but still exerts quite a bit of pressure since that's really not where it belongs, you know? and it's kind of heavy, i think.

my kids are doing some schoolwork. we really have much housework to do... but see, the thing i've learned is, no matter how long you put it off, that kind of work always waits for you....

ok, there's more floating around in there, but the walrus keeps getting in the way of complete sentences...poor must be lost because i'm certain it doesn't belong there.

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