Sunday, July 27, 2008


lots of things in life are funny. some make you laugh out loud, like eddie izzard or david sedaris (right julie?...hehe). some make you laugh a place you can't exactly reach, but it's laughing nonetheless. and some make you laugh even though it isn't funny...a sour, not so great part of you laughs because what happens isn't funny...yet that part laughs because, well, it's sour...and not so great, you know?

this weekend had all those kinds of funny. and maybe a few more.

--i had such a good time looking at paintings done two centuries ago. i had an even better time watching my kids enjoying it way more than they thought they would.

--i did not enjoy putting my friend carol's number into my cell phone and then leaving my cell phone at home where, you know, i COULDN'T call her...

--i enjoyed eating lebanese food, meeting my friend's soon-to-be-in-laws (who were wonderful), and visiting with friends.

--i did not so much enjoy the interactions with my spouse this weekend...

--i enjoyed chatting with a friend online, and crying as she said kind things that, because i am so visual, touched me in ways spoken words never could...(it was a good kind of crying, i promise)

i guess i just have a well-rounded, funny kind of life.

i get to attend a funeral tuesday...woo-hoo. i'm feeling kind of like a funeral whore this summer...i dunno.


ps--speaking of's a robert earl keen song i really like. it's called the buckin' song, and there's a video of him singing it on you tube, but you can't really hear the words, and frankly, the words are what make it funny. so here's a video of someone doing a cover...

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JO said...

Hugs, babe.

Lurved the Robert Earl Keen song. Did you know he's one of the shows in the Paramount's 2008/2009 season? May have a road trip in our future....

I am soooo glad you and the guys got to see the exhibit. It was all kinds of awesome. I'm still thinkin' about it.

Hope tomorrow treats you kindly.