Wednesday, July 9, 2008

so long, farewell....

yep, we watched the sound of music a few days ago...

so we are going.

i have friends who live in arizona, so i called them, and if the kids are not well enough to enjoy the beauty and wonder and heat of the canyon, we will go sit in air conditioning, and then fish and ride horses and four wheelers and such with our friends. (why didn't i just go there for vacation?!?!....) i am sure we will stop by and visit on our way home no matter what, so we'll be gone a little longer than a week. but as long as they have a washer and dryer (yes, and a beer or two), this is totally do-able.

i will have no computer i will not be checking in. i read this in the beginning of lamb, and i thought i'd put it's called the author's blessing...

If you have come to these pages for laughter,

may you find it.

If you are here to be offended, may your ire rise

and your blood boil.

If you seek an adventure, may this story sing you

away to blissful escape.

If you need to test or confirm your beliefs, may

you reach comfortable conclusions.

All books reveal perfection, by what they are or

what they are not.

May you find that which you seek, in these pages

or outside them.

May you find perfection, and know it

by name.

yeah, that. see ya later...


*Jess* said...

Jayce's favorite song is "Do-re-me" :) Have a GREAT time!!!

JO said...

Traveling mercies, mama....

Anonymous said...

yes, traveling mercies are never too far out of mind.

MaWhit said...

Have fun!