Friday, July 25, 2008


ok, it has hit us. we are sleepy. we did a lot this house shows it...and now we are tired.

we went to the creek for a couple of hours yesterday. we love going there. we were craving outside time and it is soooo damned hot that i couldn't imagine being outside without water nearby. it was a lot of fun. until my second born son slipped on the algae slimed rocks coming out. he fell, hit his head, and cried. i was worried, but he seemed so fine, it was no biggie. until he completely barfed everything he had in his ten year old body an hour later.

so i was up a few times last night checking on him. while i think he's fine, no one looks like they got a good night's sleep at my house. they're all kind of crabby and half awake looking, despite a meeting this morning where they got to hang out with friends they hadn't seen since before we left for vacation.

sooooo...i think i will cancel our plans for dinner and we'll just hang out and scratch our bellies together as a family tonight. we'll be traveling this weekend to go see an impressionist exhibit in fort worth tomorrow (at least this is the plan for now) and having lunch with friends sunday, so a boring old night at home, just us, sounds awesome.

on a separate subject--i mentioned terri hendrix was one of my traveling music choices. another was pete seeger and arlo guthrie in a concert called precious friend. it's a two disc cd and always makes the kids and i laugh, smile, and sing along. here's one of our many favorites...


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JO said...

Hope you enjoy the Impressionist exhibit as much as I did.

On another note, youngest has a 101 degree fever but says nothing hurts at all. Hope we didn't infect you guys.