Monday, July 7, 2008

worn out

we had a lovely weekend. some friends came to of those unique situations where the kids get along, the parents get along, we're all great friends... it was a lot of fun watching the kids just fall into step right alongside each other. the smiles, the laughs...if that doesn't heal you, well, i'm sorry... we spent the fourth of july with them and with the mama's family...and again, it was neat how we all fell in step with her family. it was fun, we laughed a lot...they're all pretty wonderful people.

then we ran off to a funeral on saturday. i know, i kill, huh? but it wasn't was actually quite nice, as funerals go. saw a lot of folks we hadn't seen in a really long time.

then we came home and had yesterday, which sucked, but i donwannatalkabout... the oldest and i did get the tent set up and waterproofed and swept out. today we have A LOT of stuff to do. packing, first aid kit, packing the camping box, getting the hydration packs ready....stuff like that. i'm sure there's more, but that's plenty for today. i think i'll get another cup of coffee real quick...

ps--i'd like to add a link to a post on the blog no impact man on my blog roll. i hadn't read it in awhile, and this one spoke to me because it talks about pointing fingers and divisiveness and how they can delay progress toward a solution, which are two things i've been thinking about quite a bit...on a personal scale, but also on a global scale...and he quotes gandhi, which always gets me. peace

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