Sunday, July 20, 2008

we're baaa-ack...

whew...that was a lot of driving....i am w.i.p.e.d...o.u.t. but i do want to list some of the many "firsts" that occurred on this vacation.

*obviously, this was our first vacation without our patriarch...(uh, after being in utah, i have issues with that word...without our dad, ok? our dad...)
*our first time in utah, where they have beers named things like polygamy porter (can't have just one) and ride the virgin (charming, isn't it?)
*my oldest son's first hike into the plateau point, to be exact...which is a twelve mile hike, round trip
*my second born's first time to ride a four wheeler on his own...very empowering experience for him
*my youngest's first time to camp in a tent (that he remembers)....he loved it
*our first hike in a slot canyon...we're addicted and are taking our dad to check one out as soon as we get a chance
*the first vacation i've ever done ALL the driving on...this was crazy, as it involved rain, night, and driving along canyon walls...but i did it, and as the kids say "there were no casualties"
*the first time i've driven 19 hours straight (this one i don't want to repeat)
*my first experience with bodily functions on the side of the road and no bathrooms in sight (this one wasn't planned)
*my oldest's first f-bomb (i don't think this was planned either)
*my first time in a casino
*our first time to visit our friends in their home in arizona
*my oldest's first time to shoot a 9 millimeter, other assorted pistols, and a rifle (this is something our friends in arizona supervised and i was only comfortable with because they are too safe when it comes to guns, which is just the right amount in my book)

and here's a picture of all of us with said guns....we're making our mean faces, pretending we're grouchy cowboys (as opposed to the cheerful ones)'s fun to let go on vacation and do some things that are totally different from what you'd normally do. (no, i didn't shoot a gun, thankyouverymuch...)

we had a blast...visited the grand canyon, paria canyon, and zion national park. then spent a few days with our friends in arizona. hiked our butts off. bruised our butts, as well. i have lots of pictures to share and some stories to share, as well, but right now, i'm starving, the kids are reacquainting themselves with their video games, and my spouse is bringing me a much wanted and much deserved bottle of wine. i will say all that open road, all those mountains, all that time with my kids, and all that support and love from those we shared space with...i feel great. in a word, it was a freaking blast...



Becca said...

Oh I'm so glad you are home! It sounds like an amazing time. I'm glad you enjoyed your boys so much. I can't wait to hear more stories and see more pictures.

So..... you up for more driving in 2 weeks? :o)

JO said...

I'm so glad you're home and I'm looking forward to getting together with you soon so I can hear all the good stories. :)

LanaTron said...

Cute pic...but, um...well, mama, you just don't look mean. :-)


*Jess* said...

Welcome home!!! What an awesome experience for you all! I love the grumpy cowboy picture and can't wait to see more!

LOL about the beer in Utah! I had no idea. I thought the whole state was "dry" but I guess its only certain counties. I think I'm the only person raised Mormon who has NOT been to Utah! My whole family has, but not me!

corscorp said...

Safe and sound! YAY! I'm glad you had a good time. I missed your internet presense, though. So glad you're back. ♥