Thursday, October 9, 2008

i'm flooded

i am so over-extended right now. there is just so much on my plate...and for some reason, when i have so, so much to do, i find myself not feeling like doing anything. i also seem to forget to do regular stuff that i usually bills, or brush my teeth, or eat. i've long wanted to cut my daily coffee habit and switch to green tea. well, i did it this week. because i forgot to make coffee on tuesday...carpe diem, right?

but so much of this stuff is great fun, wonderful, amazing stuff. i love my kids in co-op. that philosophy class is so awesome.... and last weekend...that was incredible. and this weekend i get to go to one of my dearest friend's commitment ceremony. again...i am really looking forward to this. but i am even fluttering my toes to try to tread water here... my brain is so on overload. there are so many things i am finding i need to and want to and it is the right time to work on with my kids hsing-wise. it's just crazy.

life has seasons, right? when is this monsoon season going to subside?...because christmas is just a couple of months away, you know?


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*Jess* said...

Don't forget APUing... its more important than brushing your teeth. Better yet, you can brush AND APU at the same time :)

Miss you :)