Friday, October 31, 2008


i used to sew my kids halloween costumes. one year, when i only had three of them (kids, that is), i sewed them all tunics and stuff so they could be jedis. i've made batman costumes, woody (from toy story) costumes, and other stuff i can't remember today. at this point, i'm lucky if i remember it's halloween...i guess my priorities have shifted.

not that i don't want my kids to be able to enjoy the holiday and beg a bunch of sugar off of our neighbors. i want that for them...right along with an active sense of spirituality and college and a well balanced life and health and all that jazz. i just don't care who makes the costumes anymore. and at the same time, i refuse to spend money on this stuff, beyond a few face paints. luckily, i am quite the supporter of imaginary play, so they do have a few resources to pull from in the house. and i think things will be good. i'll be hanging with a knight, darth maul, a ghost (ala charlie brown...i love my second born!), and a rock-n-roller of some sort (this one is fourteen...and while i realize i may feel kind of weirded out by his display of his vision, i'm determined to let this be HIS and keep my paranoia of others' judgment and my possible embarrassment to myself).

we were also invited to a party...which i realize people have, but i honestly think this is our first invitation to a party at some one's house. so i'm kind of excited about that. the mother of this house has invited me out to dinner during the party, but i think that's kind of uncool of me, so i'll probably stay. and since my third born has a soccer game at eight thirty in the freaking morning tomorrow (we have to be there at eight) AND since we're heading out of town for the day (after the soccer game, you realize) to attend my grand niece's red egg party, it's not like we'll be out incredibly late today.

ok, i have offered my home as a haven for a local fifteen year old hsed young man who does not want to attend park day with the family he's hanging with today. we're not going to park day because the mother of this house is tired and has too much to do and the kids of this house, in their eternal gratitude for the mother's enthusiasm for this evening (which she DID remember was halloween), are cool with that. so i must go get out of my pajamas before this young man shows up...

have a lovely, safe, halloween... maybe i'll remember to take a picture and i can post it next week later.


JO said...

Missed you today, but I do understand the tired thing. :)

BTW, I got the job. I start Monday. :)

LanaTron said...

I had three vampires (Edward, Alice, and Jasper, BTW) and one fairy.

Talk about easy-peasy!

Hope y'all had fun!