Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ok, let me just say it

when i first looked into who sarah palin was, when she was announced as the republican vp candidate and i'd never heard of her before (although she's always looked vaguely familiar...in a sexy librarian kind of way), my gut reaction was that this was crazy. and when i'd talk of her, i'd talk about her family. i was floored that she'd attempt this with an infant, in particular an infant with special needs. i used to work with kids with downs syndrome when i was younger, and there's a lot that gets determined in those first years.... so i just couldn't wrap my head around her doing this...

and i think i offended some friends...or at the very least, talked about something they didn't exactly find compelling. but it occurs to me now...after seeing her for almost two months (is that all it's been?), watching her interviews, her debate, reading about her in different papers, that the step i skipped in my thought process is that she brings nothing to offer in the role of vice president and THEREFORE i am appalled that she would do this with an infant...is that better?

see, i'm all about parents supporting each other as they strive to make good on fulfilling a dream and utilizing a gift while maintaining their families... but i just couldn't see what this woman brought to the office of vice president. john mccain...yes, i can see what he brings, whether or not i agree with it...same with obama or biden, as a matter of fact. i don't have to AGREE with someone to see that they bring experience and wisdom of their own... i just don't see that with sarah palin. and i'm the first to admit that everyone has a gift, EVERYONE, whether it's obvious or not...it's THERE. and maybe that's why i've hesitated to say this about governor palin. because it feels awfully arrogant. but this is my opinion...i am a voter and i am charged with the responsibility of formulating an opinion...as informed an opinion as i can muster.

i understand cinderella stories. we all either wanted to be cinderella or hated cinderella. i think secretly, most women wanted to be cinderella...not necessarily rescued by a prince, not necessarily taken to a ball, but that concept of someone recognizing and appreciating our inner worth and celebrating it. i think men want it, too, to be honest. but we also have a responsibility to speak up when someone thinks we're something we're not. and i don't mean "honey, you're the best cook in the whole wide world" or "no one can fish like my man"...i mean "hey, you're so smart, why don't you perform the baby's brain surgery on your own even without any medical education"...or "hey, how about if you run for vice president to get this old guy elected who's offended some of the more traditional and conservative members of his party and you're just crazy enough that they might buy you." i understand marketing and advertising and public opinion and how it influences these things...but i do not understand a woman saying yes to a position that she's crammed to try to educate herself about. if that's all it took to be a vice president, well, i'd think our last president would've done a better job, eh?

i want my government officials to be smarter than i am. i'm charmed by the idea of a housewife like me having these little answers that solve the problems of the world, but i don't kid myself that it's that easy. after watching joe biden, and maybe i'll catch the presidential debate tonight, i no longer think the republican ticket has any more merit...and that's hard to say. because i almost always find merit in everything. but i'm a little worn out trying to find it in a mccain/palin ballot. so i'm just saying it...

and while i'm at it, here's someone else who says it better...


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corscorp said...

I don't think Palin is fooling anyone but herself.

IME Republicans are driven by money first. They'll vote for money no matter what their candidate is doing or saying, or not doing or not saying.

I know one thing. I am antsy to vote next month. Election day can't come sooner for me.

Did you watch the debate? I watched what the kids let me watch which was most of it. The only thing I can really say is, I defy the McCain/Palin campaign to find healthcare for a typical family of four for $5,000 that lasts more than 4 months and actually benefits the family. They obviously have not done the research. What would you do for $5,000? Doesn't that saying involve a million?