Monday, October 13, 2008

full moon

today, during o's soccer practice, while i was talking to the rest of the parents, we all watched and appreciated the shift from a lovely day into a beautiful evening. it was so cool...i've talked to these parents all season. but tonight, we talked politics. let me say, i live in a small, conservative town in texas...i don't talk politics...not with people i haven't known for at least a year, if not a decade. but tonight was different. i listened a lot before i spoke...but it was neat to listen to them all. and then we'd all stop for awhile to take in the night...and then the conversation would go on.

things have been really busy lately. and at times like this, a lot gets shifted aside. but there are some things that are just a part of life. and just because i haven't had time to put them into words doesn't mean they weren't shifting, too...changing me...making life richer. but it's funny, to me, to appreciate what i can't name. my friend ken did a blog awhile back where he said that upon observing a beautiful sunset with a friend, probably the best way to put it into words would be to point and say, "ugh." that made me laugh. but it is so true sometimes... i guess the true test is whether you're sharing space with someone who would have a clue what "ugh" meant. but i feel like i've been fortunate enough to share space with people who just might get it...and give a lot back in return.

there are so many things i'd like to talk family and friends. hsing. the co-op. church. but something inside of me just says it's not time to try to put these things into words yet. and i am trying so hard to respect it...because it's not that difficult to force these fingers to type something....anything... but i will wait til it's time...


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