Monday, October 8, 2007


i probably should just leave this alone, but it kind of pisses me off. i've got to run out the door to run some errands, but i jumped online to check email real quick, and of course, glance at my yahoo headlines. ok, i didn't jump online to check yahoo headlines, but that's just part of the deal, like walking is part of grocery shopping, i guess. anyway, there's this story about this guy who spent 13 years circumnavigating the globe using only human power the whole way. something like 46,000 miles. started in he only listed a couple of low points, but one was getting run over by a car in the UNITED STATES when he was roller blading and both of his legs getting broken in the deal. he circumnavigates the whole world and gets hit by a car here? i can't explain it...well, i can explain why this frustrates me so much. but i don't propose that it's all rational. it just really disturbs me that he goes all the way around the world and in AMERICA gets creamed. i mean, i know we have more cars than any other country, and while that might make statistical sense, i still don't find it a highlight...

this also bothers me because years back while camping at the grand canyon, my nephew makes friends with a guy who's biking across the united states with the goal of ending up in new york at the site of world trade center to commemorate september 11th. the guy stays with us a night, eats with us, trades email with my nephew, yada yada. yeah, so he doesn't finish his trip because he gets hit by an eighteen wheeler IN TEXAS, and it's months before his amnesia clears up and he can get sent home to recover. (i think he was french...can't remember if he was from france or canada? i'll ask my nephew) but it really bothered me that his journey was cut short in texas. and now this other guy's journey gets cut short in america. i don't know that it was texas, and it occurred to me to search, but then i thought, "i don't know that i really want to know..."

ok, rant over... time to run errands. house guest sleeping, children outside waiting, mama blogging...(but for the record, my running shoes really were awesome today....)

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