Friday, October 12, 2007

tired mama...

i had baby s over today. he is definitely healing, but he is definitely not know? he slept a lot, which delighted me, because i love it when little bodies take over to make themselves well again. s is really getting comfortable with all of us...and not just comfortable...i think he's really starting to like us. :)

p and c brought pizza and our house guest brought wine and we ate dinner together and just hung out together for the evening. it was nice. the boys are working on falling asleep (because we have such an EARLY soccer game tomorrow morning....). all in all, a good day. but i miss N. he's on call. he'll be home tomorrow. we were both almost bawling this morning when he left. for the love of god, grow the fuck up, huh? but we were tired, emotional adults...trying to make it through a tough week...still on the same team, but not much time to do anything together (and when we are together, too tired).

so i don't think i've posted this here, but it is the funniest story and it's kept me going, literally, through this tough week. my cousin is pregnant--due any day now, i think--with her third child. her second born (who is five-ish?) told her the other day, as she was getting dressed wearing underwear that obviously weren't maternity, "mama, your butt is too big for your panties." i don't know what her reaction was...this is what her mother told my mother who told me. but it is the little treasure i've held in my pocket for some healing laughter and a little extra sunlight.

ok, i am all emotional again. :) my period is here...finally...i can start feeling normal again. well, whatever normal is...

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