Wednesday, October 17, 2007

some peace in the struggle...

i got an email from a mama friend i was just thinking about last night... she just emailed to wish some peace through the struggle. since it's been awhile since i talked to her, i assume it's her usual wisdom acknowledging that there's always a struggle going on, huh? and there are many going my life, sure...but also in the lives of those i share my journey with. too many to mention, too many to explain, too many to fix or really affect, but never too many to wish them all a little peace... so this is all i got's a song i learned on retreat. someone sent it to me at a time when i really needed it, so let me send it out today...

how could anyone ever tell you
you were anything less than beautiful?
how could anyone ever tell you
you were less than whole?

how could anyone fail to notice
that your loving is a miracle?
how deeply you're connected to my soul....

peace to all

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