Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the strangeness of my mind

we've been listening to this cd in the car's arlo guthrey and pete seeger and it's called precious friend. i think it's a tribute to their friend, lee hays, who died. but i'm not 100% on that... anyway, n's been really interested in it. there's a song written by lee about

"if i die before i wake,
all my bone and sinew take,
put me in compost pile
to decompose me for awhile.

worms, water, sun will have their way
returning me to common clay.
all that i am will feed the trees
and little fishies in the seas.

when radishes and corn you munch
you may be having me for lunch.
and then excrete me in the end
chortling "there goes lee again."

i think it's probably pretty obvious why n and i like this song so's brilliant. we've always liked this song. but i could see this last go round with the cd, he was listening to all the songs. like, we talked about how sad "circle" is...(will the circle be unbroken?...) he sang along with "if i had a hammer"...and he loves this gardening song, "inch by inch, row by row..." my teenager, listening to old guys singing folk songs. my faith in the universe has been restored for a bit....

so residency and with an intern and a med student....frankly, it's like having two husbands...only i don't have to be sure our house guest's "needs" are taken care of...hehe yesterday was a little better. i just have to pace myself...can't afford to burn myself out too soon because no one's really going to notice or have much to help if i need it, ya know?

i bought myself a hat and bag yesterday from a mama who knits. when i caught a glimpse of how stretched thin we were going to be this month, i decided to undergo a bit of "preventative therapy." it's a really good feeling to buy something from a person you know made it. because not only are you getting "stuff", you're supporting a person. it's just a much better experience for me than, say, going to target and spending ten dollars on a couple of cool pairs of socks... it felt good...

so today, we'll get our school stuff done, clean up a bit around here, garden a bit, and eat well. i'm going to try some tuna muffins that i got a recipe for off my online mama group. (raising eyebrows up and down, up and down) we'll see how they are received.... (the muffins, not the mamas)

peace out

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