Sunday, October 7, 2007

sunday comings and goings

yawn, i am so tired tonight... it's been a weekend. :) we went out to dinner with some friends last night. after we painted our entry hallway. it's a beautiful color...i remember really liking the colors i painted my previous house, but i really, really love this color. it is called milk chocolate...yes, i think every woman i know will love it... ;) so we finished it up today and started another small hallway. well, we didn't actually finish the entry way because there's a wall that had wallpaper on it. i removed it and then N started texturing and, well, then things got messy. so we'll try again tomorrow.... THEN the entry way will be finished.

i mowed the front yard and the backyard today. it was to make up for the completely fat and calorie laden dinner i gorged myself on last night (with friends, remember? haha). i also raked the backyard and managed to get the leaves on the compost pile. N weed whacked the ivy beds against the back fence--little baby trees try to grow up all over the place in ivy beds if you don't weed whack them. so the backyard looks very nice. it's very exciting, but i wish we had someone to share that beauty with. i guess we'll just have to drink it all in ourselves.... (but it would be nice to have someone to share with) we invited baby s over tomorrow, but he has fever tonight, so he can't come. :(

i have to run the errands that aren't fun and no one wants to run tomorrow. post office, ups store, drug store for anti-fungal drops for fizgig. yuck. but i'm giving the kids a holiday, so we better get some stuff taken care of.

there have been many things going on lately and my phone rang much friday evening. but it's too hard to try to concentrate on one just doesn't come naturally on sundays. later on in the week, i'll begin processing.

oh, and i got new running shoes. it is hard to buy new running shoes, because i refuse to buy what doesn't feel good, but honestly, i have to like how they look, too. there are so many damned running shoes that are pink and white right now. for women!!! i mean hello? i am not six anymore.... but pink and white, hot pink and white, hot pink, platinum, and white...gag. i think N was kind of frustrated with me but i've been wearing dallas cowboy cheerleader running shoes for the past year and a half, and i want something i won't be embarrassed to be caught wearing. (not that i ever thought about it with the blue, silver, and white shoes i'm retiring, but what if i START to care?...) i also bought myself some "running" socks. i'm not sure if they'll make me go faster, but i do hope they'll help me hurt less... (crossing my fingers, and my eyes for good luck)

i need to go wash my hands. i did some long overdue repair work on a blanket s has had since he was a baby that my aunt made him. since i still can't find my sewing machine, i did it on my 1968 singer, which has dust on it from probably about 2001... but it still worked. i think i'm going to clean it tomorrow and oil the belt and start using it on some of the stuff i've been wanting to do since i got here. at least until i find my newer machine. but to do that, i've got to finish unpacking and to do that, i've got to finish painting... the little dominoes i line up in my head...hehe

peace out

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