Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

so, halloween really isn't my favorite holiday...but the kids get excited, so we do it. i have some work to do to get their costumes together today and hopefully, it'll all go off without a hitch.

n will be the phantom of the opera. s is going for a jawa and i hope we're able to pull it off.... o will be a ninja (which i know he's been in previous years, but he reminded me he was a knight last year and a bumble bee the year before, so i guess maybe i shouldn't argue with an eight year old who KNOWS STUFF....). e wants to be a ninja, but i might see if he wants to wear a spiderman costume we have or maybe even o's old bumble bee costume.

i want N to be the christine to n's phantom, but n says if dad wears a dress, the deal's off, so i guess not.... i'll have to figure something easy out for him. usually, i just buy him horns and a tail and make him a devil and then, of course, i wear wings and a halo....hehe i figure he must like it if it doesn't motivate him to make something up for us... :)

quick question... what is spam? i realize it probably doesn't really COST anyone to mail me advertisements for viagra and penile implants....but WHY do they do it? are there really people out there hoping for some help in the genital enhancement department that check their email just WAITING for help to come along? do they really get customers that way? because really, sometimes i feel like they just do it to remind me the world is still really screwed up in some places. i mean, yeah, we're at war...but there are still people that must email anyone and everyone about larger breasts, penises, and sexual dysfunction medications. i mean, for the record, i find spam as annoying as telemarketers. well, i'm sure telemarketers as people are wonderful people...but the actual JOB and the way it impacts my life...completely annoying.

a girlfriend told me the other night it sounded like i have a dementor (think harry potter) over my house. and maybe it's because i started the conversation with "do you ever feel like all the hope is being sucked out of the world?"..... she reminded me i needed to cast my patronus. i wonder what shape it would take? probably a turtle...just like that sea turtle in hawaii that made my world a little larger and turned my perspective around on being blessed or even lucky....

alright, this was a total ramble-fest. milk shakes for breakfast and the woman can't even keep a train of thought.... i must watch my sugar intake today, i must watch my sugar intake today... :)
happy halloween....(insert vincent price's laugh from the end of the thriller song here)

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