Wednesday, October 10, 2007

some quick updates

baby s has pneumonia. it's so sad and sweet, all at the same time. p and c are taking very good care of him, but i know it is scary. healing thoughts to them...

mama jerrie is trying not to worry about the discharge she had yesterday, since she won't see her doc until tomorrow...positive thoughts for her pregnancy.

N is wiped out. l & d is a hard service to do for a month. and i'm kind of tired of people saying, "well, isn't that what he's doing?" because no, he won't work non stop in labor and delivery once he's no longer a resident. he'll work some in l & d, some in the office or clinic, some in the or.... but it's an exhausting month to get there for 7am report (which means, depending on how many patients are his) he gets there between 5:30 and 6am, and not be finished til 6:30pm report. he got home at 8 last night... healthy thoughts for him....


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