Thursday, October 4, 2007

speaking from the heart and trying something new

i wasn't really sure what i was going to post about this morning... i got up early, checked my email, read the daily blogs, went to the mama forum i'm a part of and caught up on reading. i've made coffee, the kids have had cereal. the day's going...

one of the blogs i read, written by a wanderer, had a you tube clip of a song by pink called "dear mr. president." i don't know if she knows this, but the indigo girls sing back up on the studio version of that song. i watched the video. i had heard the song before, but it really is a song that catches a new part of you each time you hear it.

and that reminded me of being at the indigo girls concert with my sister and my friend and her partner. amy ray sang a song i'd never heard before because it was on her solo album called prom. it was a very powerful song, so i went and searched you tube to see if they had a clip of it, and lo and behold, they do. so here's the trying something new....i'm going to try to make it available on here...let's see how this goes...

ok, i think that worked. so enjoy...i've been encouraging my little sister to pursue a relationship with amy ray, but she's not sure she's amy's type. (darn) i think amy's a pretty passionate, intelligent woman and when my sister and i heard her sing this song, it was awesome, emotional, liberating, and heavy all at the same time. i think mostly when i hear something so beautifully written, i just feel grateful someone found the words... (so i guess amy's the one speaking from my heart she speaks from hers, of course)

and i'm gonna leave with this. after all this learning, i'm exhausted....haha

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