Tuesday, October 23, 2007

sleep does a body good

i was so irritable last night. there was an issue of being ignored...i was offered a glass of wine, two were poured, and then dh and house guest proceeded to drink. so i poured my own. then i'd try to say stuff and no one seemed to know who i was talking to. dh actually sort of apologized later in the night, and i told him, "hey, i have four sons. i obviously need to get used to being ignored so that when they're all men, it won't bother me." yeah, i wasn't ready to forgive....

but mostly, i think it was just kind of a psychic viral shedding of sorts from all that's been going on. so i did what any sane person would do. i drank two glasses of wine and went to bed early. and i think i'm better for it.

we haven't really done a damned thing today. the kids are really on a chess kick right now. and e is on the couch...i'm don't think little bit is faking it here... but it's tuesday, and we just don't usually get tons done on tuesdays. i think i'll run, then do whatever school work we can, then go to rock climbing, run through the grocery, home for a bit, then soccer prax. it should all be fine. i'm feeling up to it, i suppose.

i've been having lots of good blogging thoughts on the treadmill lately. but then i can't remember them lately. i'll have to stick a notebook on there today... :)


ps--some peace to my sister today.... and to mama jerrie.... and some to patsy, too....

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