Sunday, October 14, 2007

fun times

it is saturday night, or i guess, sunday morning... been quite a weekend. N's been on call and that's been, well, i miss him. but i guess it's working for us, because it makes the moments we spend together remind me of those days that he really was the best friend i ever had. so again, it's working for us. (although i do think he could do well with a little more sleep...darn all those mamas and babies...hehe)

so, my friend, hope (from hope radio) showed up here to visit today. (although i do feel the need to mention that i knew her way before her hope radio days.) anyway, it's been surreal. i talk to her many nights on the phone from my backyard, but tonight she was, like, IN MY BACKYARD. and i didn't even have the phone... anyway, we covered lots of important stuff. the world should be a better place tomorrow or soon after. :) we also took out a bottle or two of wine. and there will be a cold fried chicken and chocolate shortage tomorrow....oops. but we did solve some problems, and laugh...oh, and we peed outside, too. but we had to put the dogs inside before we could do that....hygiene, you know....

so N's got to work tomorrow..and i personally think the birthing world is a better place for him being in it. and hope and i? we have absolutely no plans as of yet. but i'm sure tomorrow will flesh out just fine. maybe we'll have one more glass of wine while we plan?... oh, and chocolate, too.

(she snorts a lot these's kind of funny)
ok, peace out

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LanaTron said...

Okay, I thought I wanted to be there with you. But the peeing outside thing would definitely not be my thing! You mamas rock, though! Glad you had fun.