Wednesday, October 3, 2007

one more little thing...

i'm sitting here looking for good illustrations of citadels to further a history discussion we started yesterday... e came in and is having this whole dialogue, imaginary playing with something. i look over, and he's playing with a small piece of paper in the shape of a triangle, probably left over from yesterday's handwriting cutting activity... anyway, i'm touched and a bit envious of how he can be inspired and creative with just that tiny little piece of paper...and i'm proud of him, too. but then it makes me think of how i can be so hard on myself for my own creativity... (NOT that it's all about me, but it was a passing thought) mostly, i think for me, my kids give me an arena to appreciate some of the things i've forgotten how to appreciate...whether it's in the world or in myself. and i know it has to do with loving them the way mamas love their kids... anyway, they're my greatest teachers, my children, and i will always be grateful to them for that... (now, whether i actually TELL them this before they're, say, 25...i just don't know if that would be wise...hehe)


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