Sunday, May 25, 2008

cleaning house

that is what i am doing today. cleaning, sorting, organizing, donating, throwing away, and handing down. i used to do this every season when i only had one or two kids. but since having the fourth, i think i've done it twice. and knowing the littlest will be five this summer, i think that may not have been enough. ok, ok, i know it wasn't. but i'm paying for it now, so i hardly think a guilt trip would be productive...

i've only accomplished cleaning out one closet. it is a closet shared by my two youngest (sloppiest) children, so that's good. and many little pockets of their room (they share with one other brother who is also a slob) have gotten cleaned in the process, so i think i can handle my second born's closet today. then i want to move on to my room....big ambition today, i am telling you... but second born got invited to a friend's house. one of the mama friends picked him up and will bring him home in a bit. she's already emailed me to tell me how wonderful he is, how cute the two are together, and how grateful she is i let my son go play there....gotta like all that in a woman. i wonder when i will refer to any of them as one of my friends? they are all friends. and i feel sort of a part of them... i just felt so close to the mamas i knew before i moved that i wonder when i will find the new friend setting here...

ok, i have made it through five cd's so far today. and no, they weren't all indigo girls. just two of them were. the other ones were the once soundtrack, jonatha brooke, and the eagles. back to work for me.

but first...go to my blogroll, cleverly titled "blogs i read" or something like that...find the one with the word "boychik" in the title...yeah, i can't remember those exact words on it and read about her marathon. i will put a link to her donation page in my blog later (even though i told her i'd do it four days ago). she's running a marathon for the leukemia and lymphoma society. awesome. and she's doing it in san francisco. brilliant. so if you have a little to donate...maybe check the cushions of your couch....please do so. she's an amazing person and you'll be glad you got a chance to help her out. (i'll do that better later aimee...but with all the house cleaning and such, i wanted to get on top of it at least a little...) :)

and for the mamas i need to mail stuff to, that is my goal tonight.

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can....

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