Tuesday, May 6, 2008

speaking of music

so having a teenager in the house means i have someone who has musical tastes developing. yeah, yeah, kids almost ALWAYS have musical tastes...but he's been looking for other stuff besides, say, indigo girls the past couple of years. (although he is a thirteen year old who probably can sing almost ALL of the indigo girls' lyrics...just saying...)

so his first cd that was his that i bought for him was chris rice...here's a song...he's a bit narrow and traditional-ish in his view of God, but my oldest child really liked the music and i thought it was pretty inspirational for young folks...here's a sample of one of my favorite chris rice songs...

so here's a song from the first cd he's bought himself last night... (yeah, it's a long video, but it's really good if you've got time...otherwise, jump about five minutes into it and you'll recognize it...)

it's fun watching them find their own rhythms...

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