Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a few notes

from my reiki book on my treadmill...

Although we cannot easily see it, whatever we think and feel about ourselves and others has a direct effect upon everything in creation. Because energy follows thought, sooner or later, the effects of our thoughts and actions will become our reality.

Reiki will never put us in a situation that we are unable to transform into a learning and life-enhancing experience. All we needs is a little courage, positive motivation, and a happy mind!

However, if we strongly believe that Reiki will not work for us, perhaps because on some level we don't want our situation to improve or because we still need that situation to develop some inner qualities, then this can create a mental barrier between us and the benefits.

"Breaking the chain," however, does not mean we should suppress negative thoughts and emotions. If they exist within us, they need to be regularly addressed and resolved in a clear, open, and creative way, without over-indulging them or directing them at another person.

If you are overwhelmed by your issues, remember whatever you are experiencing--good or bad--it will pass. Try not to overcomplicate things. Simply by looking for a peaceful mind and developing concern for other people's problems makes our own difficulties less real. Love, compassion, patience, giving, and wisdom can become our normal states of mind no matter how negative we feel or how difficult our life has been.

wondering if i've figured out what reiki is? me too... it's an eternal, ancient life force/energy. i think i refer to it as God, but i'm not altogether sure. that's just the feeling i have. i'm not quite halfway through the book, so i'm still trying to keep an open mind...

so i am sending out my intentions tonight...some peace...for my friend julie, for my sister, for my friend marcy, my friend denise, my friend shelley, my friend patsy, my friend lana. some peace for this co-op i'm working on and the mamas and families and churches involved. some peace and quiet for my spouse and i. always some peace for my children. and peace for the cyber tribe of mamas. and of course, peace to all the family, the ones i chose, the ones who chose me, and the ones we aren't quite sure how we found each other... and just peace...

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