Saturday, May 3, 2008


i am pretty sure the universe is having a chuckle at my, maybe not expense, but my efforts...

so when life gets unpredictable and frustrating, i turn to written about the dictionary today?

integrity means moral uprightness; honesty/ wholeness; soundness.

compassion means pity inclining one to be merciful.

optimism means inclination to hopefulness and confidence or the philosophical theory that good must ultimately prevail over evil.

dedicated means being devoted to a special task or purpose.

and cooperative means willing to work or act together.

oh, last one...compromise means mutual settlement of dispute.

ok, let's see...integrity didn't surprise me...i usually just think of it as honesty and, as my dh reminded me today, people sometimes aren't willing to be upfront in their honesty. (i am sure he was speaking of experiences he's learned from working with his family, perhaps his wife, when he spoke of that, but whatever...i hear she's working on it.) compassion...that did surprise me a bit. i mean, i used it the other day in a post and definitely meant some aspect of pity then, but that slipped my mind as i was thinking about compassion today. i was thinking of it more as mutual respect, but nope, that's not it. optimism i have nailed...yeah, that's me. dedicated...i can do that, when i am clear on my task or purpose. it's like pushing in childbirth...if you don't know where to push, it's just a lot of energy downward, but once you feel that baby move and you can focus your efforts...look out baby catcher. cooperative...yes, that's what i was thinking. and compromise....i think the issue there is when there is no mutual realization that there is a dispute, a mutual settlement is not an option. but maybe that's why some people don't share openly upfront...because they want the settlement to be decided by them alone and not both parties. which is not, i suppose, a statement of their integrity. yet here i sit, thinking i should be still be able to offer a compromise with someone who is not looking for a least not in the mutual sense of a compromise...which seems the only way a compromise can occur.

either way, i think this is probably where the dominoes started falling. and right now, i'm feeling a little buried.

but i am still relatively sure the universe is least a little.

left foot, right foot, breathe...(knock a few dominoes off, rinse, lather, repeat as needed...)

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