Saturday, November 10, 2007


there's this thing i have to work on... i don't exactly own a pair of rosy colored glasses, but i might. i don't think i'm exactly blind when it comes to my optimism, but maybe sometimes i just am. and even then, i don't think it's 100% a bad thing. but there are lessons i have learned more than once that are kind of hard lessons...and i feel kind of stupid when i learn the same lesson more than once. not that i think that's stupid, but i do sometimes feel that way. because while i don't think optimism is stupid, i do think not recognizing the truth can be. so what i think i need to work on sometimes is just accepting things the way they are. because what i do is vacillate back and forth between believing something's just great and then absolute devastation that it's not, never really finding that place in the middle where i can accept something might not be great, but it's not exactly horrid either.

so that is something i am going to work on. i'm not exactly sure how to do it...haven't exactly penned my program yet...but it's something i'll probably be praying for a little light on. (and trying like mad to accept wherever i land in this endeavor, huh?)


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