Saturday, November 3, 2007

sleep is for wimps

ok, not really....

we are tired people. N was on call last night, got off and came home at nine, went to o's soccer game (yes, he won his last game...woo!), we drove to s.a. to celebrate nephew's 1st birthday and nephew's daddy's (N's big bro) surprise 40th. now we're home again....yawn.

it was a nice time. it's good to share space with folks you love and who love you. familial love...the kind you don't always think about...but it's there when you all get together. usually comfortable. at least with N's family it is....

the kids had a ton of fun playing with their cousins and the other kids. it's wild to see everyone growing up... they are exhausted peeps, too.

all i have to say is THANK GOD WE GAIN AN HOUR TONIGHT....
good night

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