Tuesday, November 6, 2007


there's this little emoticon i like to use in a forum i frequent....it's the "bounce" emoticon. it's a purple smiley that laughs and bounces a little when it laughs. it's one i use a lot. i wonder if those mamas think i'm just so bouncy?

but i've bounced back a bit from whatever the hell was going on with my body yesterday. headache and then, man, my stomach got allllll out of whack. that was embarrassing....watching a movie with the family, only female in said family, so when everyone smells something, they're all blaming each other, and.... oh, i don't even want to talk about it....

but today is better. i am glad. does it make me weird to feel as though i somehow skirted death again? i don't know... my mind feels almost like a separate entity these days and some of the stuff it comes up with....i just put my hands on my hips and shake my head. (even though the indigo girls say it's not persuaded with your hands on your hips....it being the epicenter of love, you know...)

so lately e has been amazing his dad with his maturity and ability to understand things that N obviously just doesn't think e should be picking up on. (probably because N is not quite as "there" on some of that stuff as e is, but i think this can often be the mark of a good parent, right aimee?) anyway...we were watching "we are marshall" last night. and i told the kids that most of the football team would be killed in a crash in the beginning. (because they got really mad at me when simon birch died...only i didn't KNOW simon birch would die, but we'll just call it lesson learned because really, i didn't feel like pushing that issue while we were all bawling our heads off) so there's a rule in our family now...if i KNOW someone is going to die in a movie, i have to tell them. anyway.... e just kept asking, "why is everyone so sad?" well, at first, while he was watching the football, which we don't ever watch here at the house, he kept saying, "did that guy just die? what about that one? oh! did that guy just kill that guy?" and it was kind of funny to me because i had to explain that it often looks like people are killing each other on the football field, but they're fine, usually...it's just part of the game and that's why we play soccer and basketball and tennis in our family. (where's that bounce guy when i need him?) anyway, e just said it was kind of a sad movie because people were really angry and he didn't really like that part of it. (males getting angry instead of sad...what a strange concept....bounce) but e thought the rest was okay.

n and s stayed and watched the whole movie. o went and read on e's trundle for awhile. he was not so interested.

it's really weird to watch my family grow up. we are so different now than what we were even five years ago...hell, just two or three years ago. we are all so much better at handling our emotions....working together. just figuring out how to LIVE together. it is humbling. it is also a big freaking relief because there were days that we just couldn't keep going that way....we HAD to grow up.

so today, we'll do school. i'm going to remove some more wallpaper. we have rock climbing. we need to go to the grocery and return some movies. (and hell, let's get a few more...) and i need to cook us something reallllllly good. i think it will involve a splurge on boneless chicken breasts, some onion and garlic, maybe some carrot and celery....and i think we'll need some crackers, too. ooh....maybe i'll just throw some dumplings in it... ok, time to start list making.


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*Jess* said...

I love the bouncy smiley, too :) I wish we had them here!